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    When ordering a skip you need to give a little thought to the siting of the skip. If it is on your own property you usually do not need to have any consent from the local authority. Although it is worth checking if you are a tenant of the local authority.

    However, if you are placing a skip on the public highway you may need to comply with statutory requirements. This might include compliance with the Road Traffic Act and the various local Bye Laws that may be in force. Your local council may require you to get a permit before you are allowed to site a skip upon the public roads. Of course, this requirement varies from council to council as does the associated charge - Some councils charge for this, some do not.

    Evans Skips are always able to give free advice and can often assist in getting any permit sorted for you. But, on occasions, the council may require you to do it yourself. In any case - It is always worth calling our office for advice.

    There are a whole set of regulations which enforce guidance upon what can and cannot be disposed of in a skip. Please read the following notes and, if in doubt, call us if you need guidance.

    What Can I Put In A Skip?

    The following items are generally OK to put into one of our skips:

    • Green Waste (recyclable)
    • Soil and Garden Spoil
    • General Household Waste
    • Bricks and Rubble
    • Timber, Wood and Logs
    • Metal, Swarf and Scrap
    • Plastic, Paper and Cardboard

    The following items are generally NOT OK to put into one of our skips and will usually require special disposal methods:

    • Asbestos of Any Description
    • Batteries of any kind
    • Fridges and Freezers
    • Clinical Waste of Any Description
    • Fluorescent Light Tubes
    • Old TV's and Computer Monitors
    • Vehicle Tyres and Bulk Rubber
    • Tins of Paint (Empty or Full)
    • Plasterboard

    We are often able to advise or assist with any items from the second list but we do need to know about them!

    So, if you do need to dispose of any of these types of items or materials -
    call our office and we will try to assist!